Mohs on the Nose

Day 2 After Surgery

Posted on: June 20, 2010

My face is even more sore than yesterday. Then it only hurt when I moved my mouth; today, it hurts without doing anything:-( My nose is itching like crazy, but the doctor told me not to touch it for anything. I discovered that if I wiggle my nose like Samantha in “Bewitched,” it’s the same as scratching, so it’s not all bad.

Although I think I’ve created the perfect solution for protecting my bandage while showering, I couldn’t muster the energy to actually take a shower. I’ve been napping a bit, reading a bit, watching “Breaking Bad” first season on DVD. (Awesome, btw.) 

So far this whole experience is making me think seriously about some things, such as vanity. I think I’m about to let that whole thing go. I’ve reached a period in my life where I have amazing, true friends, and I know how to reciprocate. While it’s always nice to make new friends, I could be perfectly happy with the ones I have right now and not have any more; I’d say they’re “high caliber” friends. You can’t put a price on a true friendship. They are/will be the ones to help me through this ordeal. Knowing I have their full support is what’s important right now. No matter how small the gesture, it means so much on the receiving end. I want them all to know that. 

OK, tomorrow I’m having a shower for sure!


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