Mohs on the Nose

Day 4 After Surgery

Posted on: June 22, 2010

When I looked in the mirror this morning, I was hit by a flash of yellow – under my eyes – and much more than yesterday. The bruising has spread and my eyes are more swollen today. So far, I’m feeling a little blue, but I’m used to that. Let’s face it; ain’t nuthin’ cheery about this situation. That is, unless you consider my horoscope for June:

…It’s also possible that you’ve had a lot of interaction with medical professionals lately, for the twelfth house rules health and healing. Perhaps you had surgery, needed long-term treatments, or required physical therapy. If so, you were doing so at the right time – your chances of success are strong.

Unfortunately, it goes on to say:

June 25: Mercury in hard angle to Uranus, creating very difficult events that could rock your world.

June 25th is this Friday, when I get my bandage off, so here’s my strategy: I’ll go in pretending to expect a perfect nose under the bandage, and when I see the scarred-up mess that actually lies underneath, I’ll pretend I’m shocked/having my world rocked. Hopefully that will satisfy Mother Universe. Actually, I like to expect the worst since anything less than that is a pleasant surprise:-)

I’m very happy to hear that many of you are being encouraged to visit your dermatologist, based on my blog. I love hearing that, and I hope more of you will do the same. And don’t forget to slather on that sunscreen like you’re putting jelly on toast.

One of the things I forgot to mention in my initial post was about the cauterization that took place after each layer of skin was removed. The zapping sounds were bad enough, but the smell of burning flesh was truly sickening. The nose is a very vascular area, so there was a lot of cauterizing that had to be done. The surgeon said one patient told him she thought it smelled like Arby’s. Nope, sorry, even being a vegetarian, I’m here to tell you it didn’t smell like anything you’d ever want to eat. In all honesty, it made me think of Auschwitz.


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