Mohs on the Nose


Posted on: June 22, 2010

After I had my biopsy done, I had a sizeable sore on the tip of my nose. One of those little “mini” Band-aids was the perfect size to cover it. The doctor gave me a few extra because he said we could no longer buy them. Huh? I was pretty sure I could find them somewhere. I looked in every drugstore and grocery store near me, and they simply did not exist. I even emailed Johnson and Johnson and complained about it (only to receive a form letter, btw).

To date, I don’t think there’s ever been anything I’ve searched for online that I didn’t find. “Mini” Band-aids were no exception. 🙂 I found them on a website for school nurse supplies and I ordered 200 of them, knowing I was going to need a lot of them after my Mohs surgery. Ha ha. Very funny. Unless I use 10 at a time, they’ll be useless when my bandage comes off. If anything, it’ll be hard to find a bandage big enough! Mother Universe has a very wicked sense of humor sometimes.


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