Mohs on the Nose

Day 5 After Surgery

Posted on: June 23, 2010

I spent the morning moving the blog to this new site. It almost kept my mind off the fact that this bandage is starting to drive me crazy. It ends below my nostrils, and sometimes it makes me a feel a tiny bit claustrophobic. Not to mention, it looks like a beak. Hmmm…now I’m thinking my blogger name should have been Toucan Maiden:-/

At 4 pm, I have an appt. with my new internist to get a second opinion on the mysterious swelling of my right foot. This is day three on Keflex and there’s still no change. Having the appt. meant I had to take a shower and wash my hair again. My makeshift face mask didn’t work so well last time because the plastic I used was a little too stiff. It kept my face dry, but only long enough to wash my hair. Today I used a gallon size Ziplock freezer bag and cut it to fit my face, then I used waterproof tape to stick it to my face. This worked way better than last time, although there are a couple of drawbacks. 1.) The plastic is blurry, so it’s almost like showering in the dark. 2.) When I pull the tape off my face, it leaves a red stripe for a while. Still, a small price to pay for clean hair.

This is how I really feel....:-(

As you can see, I still have plenty of bruising and swelling around my eyes. I’m sure I’d feel a little more human if I could put on some mascara, but I wouldn’t be able to take it off without messing up my bandage. Maybe I should enjoy my “freedom” from having to wear any makeup right now.

Another minor irritation about the bandage is that it constantly fogs up my glasses. When I breathe, the air hits the bottom of the bandage then bounces up through the top, right under my glasses. Again, it’s minor, but a whole lot of minor things are the same as one big one.

OK, off to the doctor. I wonder how many wrecks I can cause by having people seeing my “beak”?

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3 Responses to "Day 5 After Surgery"

Pam, you made me laugh out loud with your comment about a boot to go with the beak, God bless you for your amazing sense of humour! I still think you are like wonderwoman, and if you want me to send you a burqa I will do!! Hey it works for other international superstars, why not you? At least til the bandage comes off and you feel more human again! xxxxx

Thank you posting your story! You have made me laugh which I really right now esp about driving and seeing your beak. I just drove myself home from a 4 hour long MOHs surgery for bcc on my nose and I have to say I got A lot of stares from other drivers at my beak! I have thrown all vanity out the window at this point. I think you are a brave and strong person and thank you again for posting your story. You are inspiring and helping others going through a scary and unfamiliar process for the first time.

That drive home with the bandage is almost like adding insult to injury. I went through the same phase of throwing out the vanity. You can’t be vain and still have this type of surgery on your face. I hope you heal quickly and that your scar isn’t noticeable.

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