Mohs on the Nose

The Height of Fashion

Posted on: June 24, 2010

My appointment with the new internist, “Dr. E.,” was interesting. I liked him immediately. Prolly late 60s, very personable. When he read my chart and saw all the joint surgeries I’d had, he asked, “What are you, 80?” True,  there are days….

The latest, tentative diagnosis for my mysteriously swollen foot is a possible fracture. A full course of Prednisone, plus 3 days on antibiotics have made no change whatsoever. Dr. E. said everything points to a fracture, so he’s ordered an MRI stat for tomorrow. I should know something definitively by end of day Thursday. He said if the swelling is truly being caused by a fracture, I may need to wear a walking boot. I said, “Great. A boot to go with my beak. How lovely.” He said it was good that I had a sense of humor about it. Hey, the fun never stops.


2 Responses to "The Height of Fashion"

A fracture !! I’m picturing you running after your little one like mad with a broken foot !!! I want to cry, poor you !!! And when that could have happened !!! It’s incredible !!!

Kalou, I thought the same thing. Dogs. Who needs ’em? 😉

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