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Rock It, Baby

Posted on: June 28, 2010

Remember my horoscope said something could happen last Friday to rock my world? Well, it did, but I only found out about it today. That swollen foot I’ve been complaining about? An MRI showed it’s “fractured and displaced.” I had the MRI last Friday, but I got the results this morning. My internist suggested I call my ortho guy about getting either a cast or a walking boot. I did, and my appointment is tomorrow at 11:30. So I’ve been walking around on a broken foot for exactly three weeks. Even more interesting: I have no idea how I did it. I was fine when I went to bed and had a broken foot when I woke up. Go figure.

One of the first things I thought about when the dr. said my foot was fractured was about the day, a week and a half ago, when my dogs got out. Those of you who are pet owners (and haven’t already heard it) might appreciate this story.

We had new furniture being delivered, so I told a friend she could have the current pieces. Her husband and his brother arrived at about 5:30 the day before the new stuff was to be delivered. They moved the sofa out to the truck, then they came back into the house for the cushions. When they went out that time, they left the front door open, and Casey and Bono, our Tibetan spaniels, took full advantage and ran outside.

I knew I was in for a rough time getting them back inside, but I had no idea what I was in for. I tried calling them and just walking after them, trying to use a calm approach. I guess they thought they were out for a walk without their leashes and they headed across the street to the little park in front of our house. The two guys were with me, trying to catch the boys. We managed to catch up to Casey, and one of the guys started to pick him up and Case bit him. Great. I snatched him from the guys’ hands and we tried to get Bono. (BTW, it’s pronounced “BONN-oh, like U2.)

I’m guessing that when Casey cried out before he bit the guy, it scared Bono, and that maybe Bono thought he was next. So I’m carrying Case in one arm, and limping across the park, trying to coax Bono to come to me. He ran to the opposite end of the park, and the three of us walked in his direction. Just as I got up to him, he bolted past me toward the opposite end of the park. As we got close to him, he bolted back toward the other end. This happened 3-4 times. By now, my swollen foot is even more swollen and I’m still carrying Case.

There’s a little shortcut from our street to the houses on the next street over, and Bono bolted down that sidewalk. By the time we got to the other side, I could see Bono running at top speed at least a block away. I couldn’t run to save my own life, let alone to save his. The two guys ran after him and they all went down another street – straight toward Sylvan, a busy street. By the time I got to the corner, neither Bono nor the guys were anywhere to be seen. I got to the next block, hoping I’d see them down that block, toward home, instead of toward Sylvan. Nope. No trace. They’d headed straight for Sylvan. I limped there as fast as I could, still carrying Case. Remember, this was during evening traffic and the street was busy. I didn’t see them in either direction, but I did see a guy standing on the sidewalk, looking down a side street. I asked if he saw my dog (everyone around here knows the boys), and he pointed down the street. I walked out into the street, not even thinking about getting hit by a car. Let’s just say I stopped traffic.

A guy in a white truck asked if I wanted him to drive me the 1+ block down the street where the two guys and Bono were. I jumped in, holding Case on my lap. Bono came running toward us, so I jumped out of the truck and called to him. He ran past me like I wasn’t even there, straight for Sylvan. I was maybe 50 yards away as Bono ran across the busy street for the second time. I knew he didn’t have a chance of getting across without getting hit, and I stopped dead in my tracks and screamed like someone in a horror film. Let’s just say his guardian angel was very busy that day.

The “Perps” (Casey, on left; Bono, on right)

He made it across the street (miraculously) and the two guys followed him. Case was still in the truck with the guy I’d never seen before in my life. Again, I walked out into the street like I owned it, stopping traffic in both directions. Bono ran 2 blocks down Sylvan and turned onto a side street with the guys running after him. By now I’m limping big-time and I’m as close to being hysterical as I could be. That side street is only 3 blocks long, and it dead-ends into a big apartment complex. I saw Bono almost at the end, and he darted into someone’s front yard. By now, there were at least 10 people gathered around. The white truck guy pulls up next to me and asks if I want a ride the remaining 2 blocks. I did, but I just kept walking toward this crowd of people. They were all looking in the same direction, and I was so afraid Bono was hurt and that they were looking at him. I asked if it was my dog. They all said yes. I asked if he was hurt. They said no, that he just looked scared.

He was pretty much trapped against a redwood fence, behind a garbage can, and under a bush. As I got close to him, he rolled over on his back. I picked him up, thanked everyone for their help (they had kinda funneled him into that spot), and got into the truck where the guy and Case were waiting. We were 4 blocks from home, and I don’t know how I could have walked all that way carrying Bono. My foot hurt more than I can say. The guy drove us home and held onto Case as I took Bono into the house. I came back out for Case and thanked this nice guy profusely. I asked if he had a dog (I wanted to give him some Furfection products), but he said he’d lost his dog in his divorce. I thanked him again and brought Case inside.

The guys didn’t make it back to my house for the rest of the furniture for at least 10-15 minutes. I believe they were scared shitless to face me. This was when I called my gf in Tulsa the first time. My entire body was shaking and my hands shook like crazy as I dialed her number. I knew she would understand exactly what I was feeling because her Tib had gotten out a few years ago and was hit by a car. Luckily, his injuries were minor. Unfortunately for her, as soon as I started talking, I TOTALLY lost it and couldn’t stop crying. I still couldn’t believe how incredibly lucky Bono was to cross that busy street TWICE during evening traffic and not get hit.

The guys came back while I was on the phone and moved out the rest of the furniture. Mario came back to the door and apologized all over the place. He asked if I was OK, and I said I wasn’t, but that I would be, eventually. I called my gf back and got hysterical all over again.

After I finally stopped crying and shaking, the boys had the audacity to give me their “Can we go for a walk now?” looks.

So, is it any wonder the broken bone in my foot is also “displaced”? And where are those boys? After reliving that nightmare chase, I’m ready to drop them at the shelter. Kinda. Well, not really:-)

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1 Response to "Rock It, Baby"

You certainly displace it that day, your foot was already broken and swollen, the mystery is still there to when and where and how you had this injury. I’m so so so so glad Casey and Bono didn’t got hurt, that would have crushed you and we would have been crying too. Then this little spot that was more serious than we thought. There’s a lot that’s going in your life right now, emotionally it’s a roller coaster. You are so strong, I have tremendous admiration for you. The good thing is that you are all alive, beautifully alive and it’s getting better for you.

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