Mohs on the Nose

Show and Tell

Posted on: June 29, 2010

OK, kids, today we’re gonna learn about fractures – foot fractures, to be exact. To start, here’s an X-ray taken today of my swollen foot.

Fractured 3rd Metatarsal

As you can see, the third, or middle metatarsal is broken. Why didn’t this show up on the first set of X-rays I had taken almost two weeks ago? Well, here’s the theory, and it makes sense. The day the first X-rays were taken was the same day that I later gimped all over the neighborhood carrying one dog while chasing down the other one. Stress fractures usually don’t show up on X-rays because they’re more like a crack than a break. Most likely, that’s all  I had when those first X-rays were taken. The “runaway dogs” episode is prolly what completed the break and dislocated the bone. So, I’ve been walking around with this injury for at least two weeks, plus the week that it was most likely a stress fracture.

What’s interesting about this fracture is that it’s uncommon for the third metatarsal to break. It has the support of two other metatarsals on either side, which usually protect it. How mine broke is anyone’s guess, but if anyone is going to have an unusual injury or illness, it will always be me. (Any of my friends will confirm this.)

What are we doing about this fracture? Well, nothing really. Except staying off it as much as humanly possible. It has already started the healing process and Dr. G. expects it to heal normally without using a cast or walking boot. He said if I still have pain in four weeks, I need to see him again; otherwise, I’m on my own. I’m soooo glad I don’t have to wear a walking boot or a cast!

Now, about the nose….When I took the bandage off this morning before showering, my nose was covered with yellow “seepage” (the stuff scabs are made of) as the wound continues to heal. I tried to *gently* remove as much as I could, but it actually made me nauseated. I broke into a cold sweat, the room started spinning, and I started to gag. I had to lie down until the nausea passed, and I didn’t mess with it any more, except to put the new bandage on after my shower. I will say, tho, that it’s healing really well. If you’re wondering why I didn’t take a pic this morning, hello? Go back and read the first two sentences of this paragraph. If it made me sick, imagine what it could do to the general public.

Today was also the first day in almost two weeks that I put on any makeup. It gave a major boost to my self esteem, even tho I still have a bandage on my nose. Not only did I go to the doctor’s office and radiology lab, I also strolled around Marshall’s and picked up groceries at Nob Hill. Only one person seemed to notice my bandage, and I was very close to saying to her, “Hey lady. Don’t be so rude. It’s only a bandage.” Geez.

When my doctor first saw me today, he looked at my bandage and asked, “Was this intentional or an accident?” He thought for a minute that I’d had a nose job. When I told him it was the result of Mohs surgery for skin cancer, he said he’d had basal cell carcinoma removed from his face, too, but his didn’t require Mohs. Lucky guy.

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7 Responses to "Show and Tell"

Did he placed in a bandage two of your toes together, like an helping friend ? My father who was an orthopedic surgeon, it’s what he did, that was a long time ago, my sweet dad. I’m glad you don’t need a cast or a boot, it’s much much easy for you that way. You are getting better, that’s great !!!

The water of the shower on your nose, isn’t it enough ?

Kalou, he didn’t tape any toes together. I think at this point, it doesn’t matter. As for the shower, I have to cover my nose with Aquaphor before getting it wet. Then I put more Aquaphor on it before I apply the bandage. If I could let the water hit my nose, I’m sure it would rinse off the dead skin, etc. Hopefully I can do that soon!

Thank you for sharing your journey – and your sense of humour. I read all your posts this morning and can’t wait for more. Writing is good for us – all of us – the writers as well as the readers. Take care.

Susan, thank you for your sweet comments. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog; it makes me feel like I’m not doing it just for myself, if you know what I mean;-)

Amazing X-ray of the foot.. So glad everything is healing nicely! You might not want to remove any of the seepage anyway, since that is just part of the process, the scab, and protective of the “baby skin” underneath. It must feel wonderful to put on a little makeup, and be out and about again! Lots of light at the end of this tunnel.. 🙂

I can totally relate to your feeling like you were going to pass out trying to clean up the seepage. The first time I took my bandage off I almost passed out and had to go lie down. It wasn’t pretty nor was it fun. Having a sense of humor helps though I can totally relate to the times you feel blue.

it is likely to crack. This normally occurs in healthy and fit individuals who subject their body to excess physical activities. This kind of fracture is normally experienced by sportspersons and military recruits who engage in physical activities for long periods of time. They develop a stress fracture that leads to foot pain. The second situation is where people have extremely weak bones. This commonly affects women with osteoporosis.

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