Mohs on the Nose

2 Weeks Post Op

Posted on: July 1, 2010

I had my 2-week-post-op visit to the surgeon today. (Actually, it’s one day short of 2 weeks because of the long weekend.) Any remaining stitches were removed and he cleaned all the gunk off. I have to say, I think it looks pretty damned good…

2 Weeks Post Op

…compared to one week ago. Wouldn’t you agree?

1 Week Post Op

My next follow-up visit is in 10 days. Maybe I’ll get to stop wearing bandages by then.:-)

My “I Survived Skin Cancer” T-shirt was a huge hit at the doctor’s office. Everyone in the waiting room wanted to know where they could get one.

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4 Responses to "2 Weeks Post Op"

It’s impressive Pamela 🙂 ! It will barely be visible I can tell !!! You must be so so so so so happy !!! Let’s do an Happy dance !!!! It’s just two weeks can you imagine a month !!!!!

Isn’t this woman just fabulous??? What a great result in such a short space of time, applause please for the Amazing Pam!
Hugs and loving thoughts to you, hun, and poss even a new business idea with the t-shirts!!!
Lesson One in how to make something good out of something bad.
M xxx

Thank you, ladies:-) I’m def feeling like doing a happy dance. Oh wait. I still have a broken foot!

Wow! What a dif from week one to week two. I must admit that the broken bone pix made me weak. Luv!!

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