Mohs on the Nose

3 Weeks (Minus 2 Days) Post Op

Posted on: July 7, 2010

The schnoz continues to heal, so much so that I’ve “graduated” to those mini-band-aids I bought a kazillion of. They could be just a s-m-i-d-g-e bigger, but they’re better than the size bandage I’ve been wearing. Here’s a pic taken today. This Friday will be week three since the surgery.

Taken 7/7/10

I’ve come a long way from this:


The inside of my nose is still swollen, and I still have a little swelling/bruising under my eyes. What’s weird is that I don’t have any feeling in the “new part” of my nose. I know it takes a while for everything to connect like it should, it just feels weird.

Foot Update: No change:-(


If one of your friends – who is also your dentist – brings you candy, do you think there’s an ulterior motive involved? (Just kidding, Sandy.:-))

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3 Responses to "3 Weeks (Minus 2 Days) Post Op"

That is just amazing Pam – who would’ve thought three weeks would make SUCH a difference! I am so thrilled for you, well done!

It’s remarkable really !! Wonder if you still need to put a bandage cause it’s completely healed, a little pink and that’s all !!! You must feel so good about this. It’s such a victory !!! Can you imagine it’s only three weeks !!! It’s amazing !!! The sensibility will come with time, but from an outside point of view, nobody will notice you had something. I found you very brave and courageous. You kept a good positive attitude, and your sense of humor too. Many would have gone into hiding but not you, you are a very wonderful and special lady and I’m very fortunate to know you !!! Luv Luv XXXX

You look marvelous!!!! I can’t believe the change in just 3 weeks. Hang in there. Now as for the foot. Yikes. Can mother earth just cut ya a little slack and give ya a break!!! Mark better be pampering you to the hilt. Love from AZ

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