Mohs on the Nose

4 Weeks Post-Op

Posted on: July 16, 2010

My final appointment with my surgeon was Monday, and he said he was happy with how my healing is progressing. Here’s a pic taken today.

4 Weeks Post-Op

Compared to one week ago.

3 Weeks Post-Op

No question, it’s healing like gang busters.:-) The little “pit” is where there was a stitch hiding. Dr. M. dug in there and pulled it out, so there’s a tiny scab over it. It should all even out shortly. A friend also suggested I start using Dr. Blaine’s Scar Therapy, so I put that on my nose at night. It’s only been two nights, so there are no results to report yet.

More flowers arrived, this time from our friends in Tucson. The card said they wanted to wait until I could actually smell the roses before they sent them. 🙂

Thanks, Joe and Kathi!

Foot Update:

The broken foot isn’t as healed as I’d like it to be at this point, after all, it’s been almost six weeks! One of my gf’s, the physical therapist, came over a couple of nights ago and taped my foot. It made a huge difference in the pain level when I walk. Just that little bit of support worked wonders. We’ll see if there’s a significant difference without the tape after we’ve done it for a week. It’s too bad that my amazing healing abilities seem to apply only to my nose and not to my foot.

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3 Responses to "4 Weeks Post-Op"

Your nose is fantastic, cute, healed and perfect !!! With taping your toes together it will help you a lot, bones takes more time to heal too. You are great !!!! I’m so happy for you and your flowers are beautiful !!!

Pam, you look fabulous! What a miracle! Looking forward to seeing you in September at Tara’s wedding! No, I haven’t called the dermatologist…got back from Maine, so that is on my list for tomorrow. Love you…

Pam….you look great! Thanks for the continuing posts. Am going on my third week since MOHS surgery. ( right side of nose) It is healing nicely but I have a question… there something you can put on the scar site to help the healing. I haven’t read all your posts so if you have already covered this I apoligize.
Best wishes, Pat

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