Mohs on the Nose

It’s All Good

Posted on: August 6, 2010

Today marks eight weeks since the surgery. My nose continues to heal, although I think it’s 90% there now. This pic was taken today and wasn’t Photoshopped.

8 Weeks Post-Op

The scar continues to fade, as does the redness. I still use a touch of concealer to even my skintones. Overall, I think it looks pretty good, considering what it looked like just eight weeks ago.

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9 Responses to "It’s All Good"

Glad all is well and you’re HAPPY. Love, Nely


You look absolutely terrific (of course, you always have looked terrific). Whatever scarring might remain is just a badge of courage and, as you noted, you can cover it with concealer. I’m very happy for you! Now you can go back to being puppy-mom!


You look marvelous!!!! So glad to see you smiling again.


Congratulation on your great progress. And thanks again for sharing this with others.

Pam you are simply gorgeous !!!!!! You have a cute little nose completely healed in 8 weeks !!!! That’s the best you can wish !!!!!! Fantastic !!!!!

Hi, got to your blog through this other blog (
happened-to-my-nose.html ) You healed so well. I had a smaller incision exactly on the tip of the nose as you. My healing has been slower, but at least it seems to me that everything is improving. It’s been almost a year from the surgery. Did you find the Dr. Blaine’s Scar Treatment helpful?

My plastic surgeon is recommending Fraxel for my scar, but my dermatologist says that I should do only a dermabrasion. So I don’t know what to do. What they both recommended was to wait until the summer passes so the sun isn’t as aggresive on the thin skin on the scar. Thanks for the pictures, I documented my process too, so your blogs encourage me to post mine.


Hi Julia,
To answer your question regarding Dr. Blaine’s, no, I don’t think it helped. Having said that, I only used it a couple of weeks because I can’t get it to cover the tip of my nose. I have been using the bottle of E-sil, or whatever it’s called, that also came in the box. I saw another facial plastic surgeon just yesterday, and he said I should leave the scar alone for a year so it can fully heal. I seriously doubt that I’ll do anything more to it. I wish I had some advice for you regarding the fraxel vs. dermabrasion, but I don’t:-( I do wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide. And hang in there! Sure, we “only” had skin cancer, but it’s not a piece of cake like some think it is. BTW, would love to read your blog.

Pam, you healed beautifully!! Though this post comes a bit late, I’m very glad to see your pretty face, looking happy!! Hugs-

I had MOHS surgery on my nose 5 days ago in the same spot and it looks like a similar repair too. My nose looks so swollen and red and I also have a healing black eye. it is such a nice thing to see you have come out the other end and looking lovely. You give me lots of hope! Thanks for posting your photos. I hope to do some sort of blog of my journey too (if I can work out how to do it!).

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