Mohs on the Nose

That’s A Wrap!

Posted on: August 7, 2010

This is my last post to this blog. I want everyone to know how much their support has meant to me through this ordeal. All your emails, Facebook posts, cards and gifts – especially the gifts!! – helped lift my spirits when they were pretty low. With all sincerity, THANK YOU! With your help, I made it through, no worse for the wear.

Oh, and the broken foot? It’s all but healed. I don’t have day-to-day pain, but if I take my dogs for a long walk, it hurts by the time I get back. At least it’s getting there.

Again, thank you all for being such wonderful friends. AND – you know what I’m about to say – DON’T GO OUTSIDE WITHOUT YOUR SUNSCREEN! 🙂


7 Responses to "That’s A Wrap!"

Really enjoyed reading your blog. Two weeks ago I had Mohs and then the next day had reconstructive surgery by a plastic surgeon on my nose. I had a a very rare form of skin cancer, sebaceous carcinoma. I cringed when I read the part about the shots in the nose. No one knows how really painful those are until they experience it. Big Oweee! I’m encouraged by your results. Thanks so much for sharing your story! Cathy

DO NOT go for a skin graft or plastic surgery closure – I had 3 stages of Mohs on the side of my nose and went with my plan of second intention healing and it has been great! “Nature abhors a vacuum”! You will heal just fine – save your money! I canshow you pics…..

My nose has healed almost perfectly, so I won’t be having anything else done:-)

you dont know me, but Im waiting to have the MOHs for a BCC on the tip of my nose as well. While it was unsettling to read your account of the surgery, it was also very helpful and you look fantastic! so youve alleviated much of my concern. Thank you for sharing! 57 yr old in Canada. Stay healthy 🙂 Lise

Lise, as long as you trust your surgeon, you should be fine. My husband had a spot of melanoma removed from his cheek this summer by the same surgeon. His surgery was MAJOR, but his scar is fading into nothing. Good luck with your surgery!

Hi, again. So the surgery was 2 weeks ago and apart from a bit of soreness behind my ear while those stiches were in, I think it went well. I don’t know if my nose is looking the way it should though because yours at 2 weeks looked very pink and uniform in colour. Mine is pink with white patches and one part is very bluish looking. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Did you have any of this? thanks!

I think I did have some discoloration at first. I wouldn’t worry about it yet, but if you are, ask your surgeon about it. I’m sure you’ll look good as new when it’s all healed! 🙂

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