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I’m sorry to say, I have another BCC. This time, it’s on my forehead, right at the hairline. I had a small, red spot that looked like a pimple. Because it had been there a few months, and because it hadn’t changed, I saw my surgeon. I hoped it would only need to be frozen. He took one look and said it needed to biopsied. It was a long week of waiting for the results, but they came back positive.  If you’ve already needed Mohs, the chances of needing it again, elsewhere, are very high, so the results weren’t a total surprise.

Biopsied Spot

The Biopsied Spot

As I did with Mohs on the Nose, I’ll be blogging about the upcoming surgery and recovery. The new blog is called Woes of Mohs, and you can find it here.


The schnoz continues to heal, so much so that I’ve “graduated” to those mini-band-aids I bought a kazillion of. They could be just a s-m-i-d-g-e bigger, but they’re better than the size bandage I’ve been wearing. Here’s a pic taken today. This Friday will be week three since the surgery.

Taken 7/7/10

I’ve come a long way from this:


The inside of my nose is still swollen, and I still have a little swelling/bruising under my eyes. What’s weird is that I don’t have any feeling in the “new part” of my nose. I know it takes a while for everything to connect like it should, it just feels weird.

Foot Update: No change:-(


If one of your friends – who is also your dentist – brings you candy, do you think there’s an ulterior motive involved? (Just kidding, Sandy.:-))

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I had my 2-week-post-op visit to the surgeon today. (Actually, it’s one day short of 2 weeks because of the long weekend.) Any remaining stitches were removed and he cleaned all the gunk off. I have to say, I think it looks pretty damned good…

2 Weeks Post Op

…compared to one week ago. Wouldn’t you agree?

1 Week Post Op

My next follow-up visit is in 10 days. Maybe I’ll get to stop wearing bandages by then.:-)

My “I Survived Skin Cancer” T-shirt was a huge hit at the doctor’s office. Everyone in the waiting room wanted to know where they could get one.

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Wow! What a relief! I expected the worst when my bandage came off this morning, but it was a piece of cake. I expected it to hurt like crazy when the stitches were taken out, but it didn’t. “Why not?” you ask. Because they’re the dissolving kind.:-) Dr. M. said he was “very pleased” with the way my nose looked at this stage. He cleaned it up a little, put on a new, smaller bandage, and told me to come back next Thursday.

Bandage Off

Bandage Off

After A Bit of Cleanup

The actual surgery site didn’t shock me at all. Like I said, I was expecting the worst. I still have swelling and bruising, and of course, it’s very sore. As long as I can see a little progress each week, I’ll be happy.

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I’m feeling a little bitchy today, so it’s a good thing I’m home alone – well, as alone as you can be with two dogs and two cats. Fortunately, they all sleep most of the day, so there’s no aggravation there.

My dermatologist, “Dr. R.,” called this morning to check on me. Even he was surprised at the extent to which my BCC had spread. The good news was that he told me not to be discouraged when I see my nose tomorrow. He said the reason he sends his Mohs patients to “Dr. M.,” the surgeon, is because his patients’ results are “excellent.” As I mentioned before, Dr. R. and I go way back, so I’ll believe what he says until I have reason not to.

In less than 24 hours, my bandage comes off. No more foggy glasses; no more having my glasses sit too high on my nose because of the bandage; no more not being able to wipe my nose; no more getting my beak into whatever I happen to be drinking or eating; oh, the plusses are endless! Thinking ahead to having that bandage off, I made a couple of T’s on cafepress this morning. I’m hoping that when I wear them, questions about – and stares at – my nose will be limited somewhat. At least people will know I didn’t screw it up snorting meth (or whatever you do with it).

My New T-Shirts


Uh-oh. As I was washing my face, my finger got caught in my bandage and pulled it away from my face. I SWEAR! All that’s underneath is a swollen nose with a wide piece of white tape on it – nothing exciting. I searched high and low for some gauze to re-do my bandage, but I didn’t have any. Rest assured, I’m not going to the store to get any, either. I took a cotton makeup remover pad, folded it in half and taped it over my nose for that added bit of protection until my appointment tomorrow. Sure, I’ll prolly be scolded by Dr. M., but I’m used to that. I have a slight problem following rules, but isn’t that expected of someone who was expelled from a religious boarding school for insubordination? 😉

My little brother in St. Louis sent me flowers today. They did a pretty good job of snapping me out of “bitchy” mode:-) Seriously, how can you look at something so cheerful and not be cheered up?

Thank you, Little Brother!

And while I’m at it, here’s a pic of the roses one of my gal pals sent last week. The caption is what the card said. This friend can *always* be counted on to make me smile:-)

"Mohs On The Nose Deserves A Rose"

Sapphire Maiden

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