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I’m sorry to say, I have another BCC. This time, it’s on my forehead, right at the hairline. I had a small, red spot that looked like a pimple. Because it had been there a few months, and because it hadn’t changed, I saw my surgeon. I hoped it would only need to be frozen. He took one look and said it needed to biopsied. It was a long week of waiting for the results, but they came back positive. ┬áIf you’ve already needed Mohs, the chances of needing it again, elsewhere, are very high, so the results weren’t a total surprise.

Biopsied Spot

The Biopsied Spot

As I did with Mohs on the Nose, I’ll be blogging about the upcoming surgery and recovery. The new blog is called Woes of Mohs, and you can find it here.


Wow! What a relief! I expected the worst when my bandage came off this morning, but it was a piece of cake. I expected it to hurt like crazy when the stitches were taken out, but it didn’t. “Why not?” you ask. Because they’re the dissolving kind.:-) Dr. M. said he was “very pleased” with the way my nose looked at this stage. He cleaned it up a little, put on a new, smaller bandage, and told me to come back next Thursday.

Bandage Off

Bandage Off

After A Bit of Cleanup

The actual surgery site didn’t shock me at all. Like I said, I was expecting the worst. I still have swelling and bruising, and of course, it’s very sore. As long as I can see a little progress each week, I’ll be happy.

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My face hurt the minute I woke up today, but I expected it. I discovered that when I moved my mouth to eat or talk, it pulled on the tape covering the bandage, which applied pressure to the surgery site. OK, I can go without talking (for a little while), but I can’t go without eating. I was also feeling depressed about the whole situation, in general. The realization hit me that 1.) I had had cancer, and 2.) That I’d had major facial surgery, and 3.) I would be the latest Bride of Frankenstein once my bandage came off. 

One of my girlfriends had planned to come over this morning and bring me a latte. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but this morning, it wasn’t a good idea at all. I had to call and cancel, even tho I really wanted to see her and catch up on things. 

I managed to give my two dogs a bath and get some laundry done, but other than that, it was a low-key day. I noticed as the day went on that the soreness when I moved my mouth was lessened. 

Tomorrow I’ll attempt to shower and wash my hair, which should be interesting, considering I can’t get my bandage wet under any circumstance. I have some clear plastic that I’m thinking about cutting to fit my face, then using waterproof tape to hold it in place while I shower. We’ll see how it goes. 

Originally I hadn’t planned to share my surgery pics with anyone, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “What the hell?” It is what it is, and I can’t change that. I know how much I appreciate seeing actual patient photos, so I hope mine are helpful to the next person. 

For now, it’s been a long, blue day. I felt the need for some comfort food, so DH brought home some ice cream. It helped…a little:-)

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